Hi, my name is Ivan Aramayo,
composer of this piece of music.

#gabrielproject was created for Gabriel “Gabi”, my best friend from university. In August 2015 he was diagnosed GBM grade IV, the most lethal brain cancer. He was given few months which he turned into 3 years.

During all this time, Gabi’s admirable attitude against cancer inspired us all. So, one day I wrote this song and I sent it to him over WhatsApp as my personal gift to inspire and uplift him every time he listened to it…

Now Gabi is not here, although his positive energy and vibes remain with us. I want to share this song with everyone so that we can spread all this positive energy around and I´d like to encourage any musician to write their own cover version to be shared as well.

The more it’s listened to, the more we will contribute to this fight, as all royalties collected will go to the Spanish Cancer Association.

And even if you are not a musician but would like to join this cause, you can help by sharing this video.

This one is for you, Gabi!

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This one is for you, Gabi!

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Steps to follow:

  1. Write and record your own version. Feel free to be as creative as you want, give it your personal touch.

  2. To ensure that all royalties collected go to the Spanish Cancer Association, when you upload it in YouTube, etc. please do not forget to include this information:
    Title of the song: Gabriel
    Author: Iván Aramayo
    Artist: Put your name

  3. When sharing it, please use the hashtag #gabrielproject, so your cover version will automatically pop up on our stage If you prefer, just send your version to gabi@gabriel-project.com and we will upload it.

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Play, Rec & Share


Todo el mundo está invitado a actuar

Listen to the song and set yourself free to dream and fly. People enjoying and sharing it will be giving more than they imagine.

You can take a picture with your own handwritten #gabrielproject and share it. This song is a gift from Gabriel to everyone who needs positive energy, especially to those fighting against cancer

The more it’s listened to, the more we will contribute to this fight.
All royalties collected will go to the Spanish Cancer Association.



As Gabi said:

Don´t let cancer steal your happiness and harmony. Focus on the essential. These are my goals, which have become my habits and I recommend them to you:

  • Believe in life, don´t worry too much.
  • Keep calm.
  • Don´t get angry.
  • Be thankful.
  • Be honest.
  • Be kind.
  • Be generous.

Give love, Take love!

Special thanks

This project is full of love and emotion. Working together to shape it is making us extremely happy and we hope it will also bring happiness to those who need it. Thank you!

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